What is Solar power?

Solar power is electricity generated by the sun. When the sun hits your rooftop, PV (Photovoltaic) solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. This can then be fed into the power grid (Grid-connect system) or stored in batteries (Stand-alone system).

Solar PV systems are different to Solar hot water systems. Solar hot water is produced by circulating water through a solar collector (flat panel or evacuated tubes) on your roof. The water is heated and transferred back to your hot water storage tank. An additional booster (electric, natural gas, LPG) will help heating your water if necessary (mainly in winter).


Why is it a good idea?

  • Cost savings – via reduced electricity bills
  • Environmental impact – solar panels reduce your carbon footprint  (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions)
  • Rising electricity prices – will help you offset future price rises in electricity cost
  • Government rebate – the Federal Government may provide 'Solar Credits' on installed and eligible solar PV systems (whilst the Renwable Energy Target (RET) is in place)
  • Adds value to your home
  • NSW Feed-in Tariff – a Feed-in Tariff (FIT) may be provided for surplus electricity fed back into the power grid (FIT amount depends on your Electricity Retailer)


How do I go about obtaining a solar system?

Contact Energywise Living regarding a solar system and your will receive:

  • Free on-site assessment of your home and its surrounding environment
  • Report outlining the feasibility of installing a solar system on your home
  • Free detailed quote outlining a system customised to your needs and site
  • Preparation of all paperwork for 'Solar Credits' and 'Solar Generator connection application'
  • After the rebate has been approved, your solar system will then be installed
  • Follow up service to ensure you are happy with the system


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